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CocoRosie and stretches in the morning.

Please only reblog with caption intact.

This about the most angelic and graceful thing I’ve ever come across on here.

Because i want naked-yogi on the blog

It’s funny how she can’t do the last stretch, shave for me and be bae

What? I can do anything. And will the shaving comments ever cease? I am consistently surprised that there are actually people in the world who honestly believe their opinion regarding what someone should do with their body hair makes a difference to the person in question, and what they ultimately decide to do with their hair. Could you imagine a world in which everyone was accepted regardless of their decisions? Imagine a woman telling a man to shave his body hair… That rarely happens. Why? Because men are expected to be hairy and women are expected to be hairless. Instead we should all be expected to do what we will.

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